A mother's AIDS memoir
​by Freda Wagman


The really extraordinary thing about this book is that it tells the story of how one mother embarked on her feverish course of involvement in the AIDS community, in large part to help herself come to terms with the possibility of her son's death. But all that work really doesn't prepare her. She becomes incredibly intimate with a series of strangers, yet she and her son have more and more trouble talking about his illness, which is the reason she is doing all this in the first place. She becomes indispensable at the bedsides of countless other people, but when Gary is dying, she still feels helpless, disconnected and as if she'd never set foot in an AIDS hospital room. What is moving about this book is the fact that all this preparation doesn't prepare, because NOTHING can prepare her."

Susan Choi, Pulitzer Prize finalist, American Woman 


About The Author Media 

Snippets from the Trenches, a mother's AIDS memoir, is a time-line of the twelve-year journey of the author's son living with HIV/AIDS in San Francisco.  It tells of her involvement as a hands-on volunteer with AIDS Foundation Houston, helping other people, along with the hope of learning how to deal with her own impending loss.

The book chronicles Wagman's personal growth while monitoring her only child's health and that of numerous people whom she had grown to love.  Even her fellow volunteers were succumbing to the illness, which magnified her sorrow to even greater levels.  A sad afterthought was the realization that they, as gay men, were also vulnerable.

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